Friday, March 18, 2005

le rêve fraîchit

Sometimes, you have to resort to a poet who renounces poetry to describe how you are feeling:

C’est le repos éclairé, ni fièvre ni langueur, sur le lit ou sur le pré.
C’est l’ami ni ardent ni faible. L’ami.
C’est l’aimée ni tourmentante ni tourmentée. L’aimée.
L’air et le monde point cherchés. La vie.
- Était-ce donc ceci?
- Et le rêve fraîchit.

It is rest in the light, neither fever nor languor, on the bed or on the meadow.
It is the friend neither ardent nor weak. The friend.
It is the beloved neither tormenting nor tormented. The beloved.
The atmosphere and world unsought. Life.
- Was it this, then?
- And the dream is growing cold.


Blogger Jilana said...

Hello Alia... I am Zeina. I came across your blog and was happy to know that you too live in Riyadh. I am not a saudi, but I enjoy making new friends. You write intelligently, I enjoyed reading some of your articles.

Keep it up...


3:24 AM  

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