Saturday, August 20, 2005

sms haiku

Amazing how the simple act of exchanging sms haikus with your girlfriend can make one more aware of the world...

It began with this one:

Green man walking past silhouette reformed,
snow cloud solitary above the trees

and she bettered me by sending this one:

And the breeze passes through me, empty
I help a friend's plant grow by sighing

and then this one a little later:

Roof top forks and knives and mouths
rababa sadness blows my mind like crunchy leaves

Sunday, August 14, 2005

advocatus diaboli

An enlightening evening: defending the indefensible just to give the wise a chance to set things right.

"By sitting alone all day long
I clear my mind of a thousand thoughts.

To speak of this is beyond our words;
Only by sitting under the quiet forest
Can we ever understand."

- Fa Yen (885-958)

Friday, August 12, 2005

blech yourself....

I've been recently really dissatisfied with this blog, initially conceived to ‘self-analyze’. It bores me like the internet or technology sometimes bores me… like text does. Often the voice, that expressive flow, is nowhere around and I can’t really synthesize the fragments in my head... posts then become perfunctory, simply there for the sake of saying something -- like turning on the TV when no one is around.

This ebb and flow of interest applies to everything… being totally switched on to something and then revulsion… bypass the thought.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

polyglamorous paths

Sameday consumption of article and radio show leads me to a polygamist.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I walked into a bookstore (next to a square named after a saint) in a city to the west of where I am now.

Touching the spines of books in the philosophy section, I turned away momentarily and found myself facing a “Book of Disquietude”.

Strange word.

Disquiet: a feeling of mild anxiety about possible developments, a sense of worried unease.

A smile considered how frequently I felt this way.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

summer lovin

Continuing this week's survey of "feminist" misandrists, I find that the late Andrea Dworkin offered some harsh insights about Saudi Arabia in 1978:

"Seductive mirages of progress notwithstanding, nowhere in the world is apartheid practiced with more cruelty and finality than in Saudi Arabia. Of course, it is women who are locked in and kept out, exiled to invisibility and abject powerlessness within their own country. It is women who are degraded systematically from birth to early death, utterly and totally and without exception deprived of freedom. It is women who are sold into marriage or concubinage, often before puberty; killed if their hymens are not intact on the wedding night; kept confined, ignorant, pregnant, poor, without choice or recourse. It is women who are raped and beaten with full sanction of the law. It is women who cannot own property or work for a living or determine in any way the circumstances of their own lives. It is women who are subject to a despotism that knows no restraint."

Obviously this is an unkind assessment by someone who never visited the country. (-;